The Loudoun Human Services Network is a coalition of nonprofit organizations working through advocacy and collaboration to ensure availability and access to human services for Loudoun County residents.

"Working together to create a better community for all"

How does the Loudoun Human Services Network impact you?

  • The Network ensures availability and access to health and human services for you and your neighbors, including the elderly, people with disabilities, low income residents, victims of abuse and special needs families
  • The Network works with nonprofits, elected officials and government agencies to share information and resources, identify community needs, collaborate whenever possible and streamline access to services
  • The Network saves money for the county government and residents by preventing and solving problems, immediately and long term
  • The Network organizations stretch tax dollars -- on average, the Network’s member agencies turn $1 of county funding in to $15 worth of services
  • Our members multiply the impact of government, corporations and foundations, and supplement funding with volunteers and donated goods and services
  • The Network and our members work with county agencies to provide a safety net of services for Loudoun’s vulnerable populations
  • Several of the Network’s member agencies provide services during local disasters and/or national crisis

Someone you know likely receives services from at least one of the Network’s member agencies. Anyone in Loudoun who rides the bus to work, has a daughter in Girl Scouts, volunteers at a Volunteer Loudoun event or has a special needs family member benefits from a Network member agency.

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"It is better to be part of a great whole, than to be the whole of a great part."

- Frederick Douglass